Warning: Safety Experts can be harmful to your life.

Question: You are home with your children and someone breaks in and threatens harm. You should:

  1. Retrieve your firearm and defend your family.
  2. Call 911 and wait for instructions while analyzing the situation, see if you may actually be in danger and comply with the attacker’s desires.

If you choose number 2, you are doing the right thing according to “expert” Kathy Olevsky. And I would recommend that you should have your local mortuary & insurance agent in your phone’s speed dial while you are at it because you will probably will need one of them in a hurry. Ms. Olevsky then continues her advice with the use of “you could use to assist yourself in your defense. An ordinary household object gives women more power. If you can pick up a lamp, a broom, a baseball bat, or a fireplace utensil, any of these items can be used to help you out.” Can you spot the obvious missing item? Yep, no guns in the list.

Ms. Olevsky is a  is a sixth-degree black belt in Karate and God Bless her for her achievement and dedication, but traditional Martial Arts are tough to learn, even tougher to master and, unfortunately no match for somebody with a gun with an intent to cause harm. In my younger years I was one of those kids who never missed an episode of Kung Fu, and watched in amazement Bruce Lee on the Green Hornet making mincemeat out of the Bad Guys. I was small in stature in those days and easy pickings for bullies at school who thought that it was fun to beat me once a day between Math class and Geography class. So, like many kids of my generation I begged, pleaded and cajoled to my parents about allowing me to join some dojo. My mother did not want his baby to be battered and bruised so she refused time and time again but I knew  I was making headway so I kept at it. And when I knew I was close to success, something happened that changed my young mind about martial arts and dumped the idea altogether. Back then in Venezuela, the top martial arts school was run by two brothers: The Plancharts. They were on TV weekly in sport shows demonstrating their abilities (and they were good) and people were lining around the block to register in a class. One weekend one of the Planchart brothers got accosted by a couple of miscreants and, unlike a Hollywood Happy Ending, Mr. Planchart tried to defend himself with his arts obtaining as result a bullet in his thigh and a very fast trip to the closest hospital.That was the end of my desire to learn Martial Arts.

To quote Tom Clancy in his book Clear and Present Danger: “Armed combat beats unarmed combat every day.” Guns have always been the great equalizer when a less physical or less prepared individual is forced to fight against a superior opponent. And also the amount of training time required is much less than with unarmed combat plus the fact that while somebody with a handicap would be hard pressed to apply difficult katas for self-defense, firearms manipulation is a rather simple mechanical enterprise.

There is this stupid sense of superiority that somebody is morally better if he or she goes through life’s challenges completely unarmed and should solve the problem of a violent offender by placing some good karate chops on him like we see in the movies. Unfortunately life thrives on reality where the Bad Guy will cheat to win and you need every resource to beat him at his game. There is no moral victory in laying dead on a morgue table, just sadness.

So, get your gun, practice, take defensive classes which will train you not only to shoot but to develop the proper mental stance not only to survive an encounter but also how to avoid them altogether. Forget about kimonos and tatamis and bowing to your opponent as means for self preservation, you wanna live at the end of the fight.

In defense Ms. Olevsky I have to add that she did point out something important and I quote: “Do this today, don’t wait until you could be attacked. Be prepared, not scared.”