Banning Assault Weapons Part II: Do it for Mexico.

You have to give it to the Obama Administration: let’s try a new wrinkle to ban those Evil Black Rifles. Attorney General Eric Holder is calling for the renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban (The ban that never was) under the excuse that we, Bad Americans, are fueling the Mexican Drug War.  According to the State Department’s travel advisory of Feb. 20, 2009 “Some recent Mexican army and police confrontations with drug cartels have resembled small-unit combat, with cartels employing automatic weapons and grenades,” even though no full automatic weapons are sold in the US without heavy Federal control and I don’t recall the last time I saw live grenades being sold at any local gun show. And strikes me as strange that the State Department would use the Mexican Army as a source knowing full well that we are talking about the military that escorts drug runners across our borders and shoots at our Border Patrol Agents to protect drug shipments.

AG Holder’s words are insulting in more ways than one. First he is trying to perpetuate the falsehood of equating machine gun and drug dealers with Law Abiding American that own long guns. It is despicable at best but par for the course. Let us not forget that he worked under Janet Reno of the Waco Massacre fame and Holder was involved in the mass presidential pardon spree during the last days of the Clinton Administration so lying and cheating are a normal thing for him.

But what really really pisses me off is that the Attorney General of the United States would knowingly destroy the Constitution by using as excuse the self-induced plight of another country. The corrupt Mexican Government has been in deep intercourse with the drug cartels and yet, somehow, I am responsible for the shootings south of the borders because I may own an “assault Weapon.” I would not be surprised if the Drug Wars in Mexico are related to just plain turf war between government-protected cartels (and yes, using Mexican Army resources) and independent cartels. For that we are supposed to scratch the Second Amendment and surrender our rights for Mexico. During the Clinton Years was “Let’s Do It For The Children” but in the Obama Age is “Let’s Do It For Mexico.”

What Mr. Holder should so do is create its own little infomercial like we see in late night TV. Instead of sponsoring an impoverished child in a slum of Rio, Mr. Holder will show ask us to relinquish our Second Amendment Rights to help a Drug Dealer.