This is getting scary.

Attention Subjects: You are not to contradict what comes from the Government. Your elected representatives not only do not represent you anymore but actually order you to do their bidding forgetting that they work for you. Dissension must be curbed by ridicule (calling it AstroTurf as in fake grassroots) or to denounce it by emailing the White House and snitching on the dissenters. Just to be sure that these disruptors don’t take over Town Hall Meetings with their pesky questions, Union volunteers are now sucking up all available spaces in any room a Town Hall meeting is being held and removing (by force if necessary) those heathens who dare to oppose Obamacare.

Disclaimer: If you find this post offensive, racist and politically contrary against the Exalted One and his political bootlickers, please be free to contact SNITCH@WHITHEHOUSE.GOV … wait, I got it wrong, you must contact and let them know that an enemy of the state is deeply conspiring against the Government by using that fishy First Amendment Right.

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  1. Trailer Trash Bill Warner Has Enlisted in the White House Internet Snitch Brigade

    Ever since the White House announced the creation of its Internet Snitch Brigade (, Americans were waiting for Insane P.I. Bill Warner to join it. And today it finally happened! In “ASSASSINATE BARACK OBAMA PLOTS INCREASE TO 10 RACIST RIGHT WING BLOGGERS FUEL WHITE SUPREMISTS (sic.) SECRET SERVICE SHUT EM DOWN by Bill Warner investigator,” Warner writes:

    “The US Secret Service so needs to investigate “Muslims Against Sharia by Khalim Massoud and Pamela Geller for her Anti-American racist activities on her website, which she operates out of her Manhattan NY apartment, and her incitement to hate by others and the possible murder of President Barack Obama.

    Contact and provide information for websites that promote hate and or attacks against the President of the United States Barack Obama.U.S.
    Secret Service
    New York City Office
    335 Adams Street
    32nd Floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Telephone: (718) 840-1000″

    After pretending to file various lawsuits and complaints with the FBI, USSS, County Court, etc., Insane P.I. Bill Warner decided to employ another tactic. He wants the Internet Snitch Brigade to do his dirty work, to defame people who dare to disagree with Warner’s demented rants. Could this trailer trash be more of a Nazi?

    We offer our sincere apologies to trailer trash for comparing them with Bill Warner.

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