Civilian Self-Defense Code of Conduct.

As civilians we are not offered the opportunity to belong to an established group for support and guidance. So when we take upon ourselves to be responsible for our own self-defense, we do it in solitary. We are castaways left to our own devices and with little guidance but a few lines of the law with almost no interpretation and no idea what we might face.The following is a Code of Conduct that I came up during a boring shift at work. I will never claim to be an expert and please understand so. These are just my observations from what I have experienced personally and from what others have learned. I am just going to post the list and I will expand on each one at a time in following posts.

I have chosen to be the First Responder of my Own Safety so:

– It is my responsibility to respect Innocent Life. And the first Life to be respected is my own.
– It is my responsibility not be controlled by extreme emotions.
– It is my responsibility to train & learn any techniques that will allow me a chance to survive.
– It is my responsibility to keep and hone the skills I acquired.
– It is my responsibility to keep my equipment in good condition.

– It is my responsibility to stand against those who seek to eliminate the right right to defend myself.

This is a work in progress. I am guessing I will be adding or subtracting stuff as I get better at my writing or a kind soul happens to give a hand and improve on it.