Giving up on California? I am about to.

So The Governator Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 962 into law making Law Abiding citizens having to jump through hoops to buy ammo. In the meantime criminals will still do their thing without any interference from the Government.

Of course Californians have been assured that this new measure will keep them safe an no, it is not an attack on the Second Amendment. Problem is the great brains behind it could not keep their mouths shuts and had to brag. On we find this little quote from Amanda Wilcox:

“This bill is about keeping dangerous weapons out of dangerous hands.”

So it was never about controlling the flow of ammunition so it would not fall into the hands of criminals after all. But we knew that long ago, just look on how the bill defines ammunition:

For purposes of this section, “ammunition” shall include, but
not be limited to, any bullet, cartridge, magazine, clip, speed
loader, autoloader
, or projectile capable of being fired from a
firearm with deadly consequence. “Ammunition” does not include

So, in an amazing leap of logic and common sense, some Brady Bunch genius managed to equate live ammunition with loading devices. Unless I tie down somebody and beat him to death with my high capacity AK steel magazine, I kinda fail to see the imminent danger of school kids being massacred by a Safariland Comp 3 speed loader. Oh! By the way, remember when the Assault Weapons Ban came to be, there were oaths and promises that they were never intending to control revolvers or lower capacity guns but just those evil devices that can carry more than 10 rounds? Guess what? You are seeing precisely the control of LOW capacity devices. A revolver speed loader usually comes for 6 rounds, hardly the “hail of bullets” associated with those cultural sensitive drive-by shootings. Told ya so!

If you can stomach the idiocy, you can click here and read the rest of the idiotic bill.