Imagine this…..

Hundreds if not thousands of AlQaeda operatives sneaking through the US-Mexico border. They get relocated in differents towns and cities across the USA. They do not bother with weapons or high grade explosives, just a 5 gallon can of gas and some matches. The Jihadist proceed to initiate “Man-Made Disasters” (the Administration’s politically correct catchphrase for terrorist acts) in the form of arson all over the country and…. they let themselves be caught. They promptly admit that they are terrorists while providing plenty of evidence. Next they immediately demand to be interviewed by the FBI and once in federal custody they demand a lawyer and plea innocent. If travel to the US cannot be arranged, they will just do their jihadist thing in the sandbox but making sure they get arrested by our troops and demand the same constitutional protection as Khalid Sheik Mohammed or accuse the US Government of being racist and selective in its prosecution.

Imagine thousands of “Criminals” flooding the fedearl court system. Say goodbye to Federal Courts for the next 10 years. Thank you Mr. Attorney General Attorney General Eric Holder. And we thought Janet Reno was a dangerous moron.