Keyphrases used on search engines.

Now this is fun. Here are several of the key searches that landed people in this blog.

Number one with a bullet for a single item is robin of berkeley. It comes from the entry Why do liberals bleed? and I am still trying to figure out who is behind this Nom de Guerre.

With the terrorist attack in Ft. Hood, Gun Free Zone and its variants make for the biggest bulk of the entries.  And yes, I am still trying to figure out why something being so obvious can be so elusive to some alleged “smart” people and I am not alone when the query is why did an army base have a gun free zone?.

I am glad to see several queries on securing weapon cars and securing handgun in small car. I like personal responsibility and this gives me a lot of warm fuzzy. Same for locked box for weapons for air travel and center of mass make the secure it handgun safe.

The wasr 7.62 left handed thread pattern and variants seems to appear at least a couple of times a month. I am guessing there is more than one WASR owner cussing Century Arms up and down the coast. Welcome to the club!

This one is worrisome: make your house a gun free zone. Why?

Good news. No kinky stuff or weird Canadian pharmacy sales.