There are fans and then there are MHI fans.

So Lary Correia gets wind that there is somebody out there with a video game based on his book Monster Hunter International and is charging for it which makes it more than just plain fan appreciation. Larry I am guessing gets a tad upset and posts on his blog and Facebook about it. Next thing we know, MHI fans have already identified the culprit, got email and home addresses, phone numbers, DNA sample, bring down the website, call PayPal to have the account shut down and offer the miscreant all kinds of pain and suffering starting with rabid porcupines inserted in certain body orifice to a convoy of MHI followers with intentions of using his residence as target practice. Suffice to say the misguided miscreant cried Uncle at the top of his lungs and removed his game from sale. Larry being the gentleman he is, spoke to the perp and it seems that all is now under control.

Before anybody else goes wild no, we were not going to use the greedy imagination-less imbecile as Zombie target but then again, I am sure he was not sure. Cooler heads did recommend the use of a much scary weapon: Lawyers but that was not necessary either. I guess that is what happens when you have a book that crosses over to both the Fantasy Fans and the Firearm Enthusiasts: you are bound to have a geeky idiot face the wrath of people that have the means and character to do something somewhat “impolite” even though we are a Polite Society.

I just know Larry will gloat big time at the next ComicCon or any gathering of writers & fans. How many authors can say that his or her fans will take up arms against copyright violations? I am sure he will rub it just a little. Fans of other authors may show up dressed up as their favorite character but Larry’s won’t dress up as shooters, we are Shooters and we look normal… and that has to be scary for some people out there.