Never never never never give up.

Just now I had the WordPress write-a-post window open and ready to share with all three of you a funny happenstance last night at work when the phone rang. It was my Comadre from V-Land informing me that my Godson was shot thrice during a carjacking/possible kidnapping. The kid is OK (Kid? he is what? in his late 30s-early 40’s and with kids of his own) and by the grace of God and lousy marksmanship from the Bad Guys, he is back home with grazing shots to one of his nipples (Dude, radical piercing yo!), to the side of his abdomen and a full penetration to the fleshy part of his thigh. Nothing major was hit but he is in some pain… no shit.

According to the story, he was coming out of his girlfriend’s house at 9 pm (first mistake) in a very nasty area of town (mistake number dos) when he was approached by parties unknown who demanded his vehicle. He did what was supposed to do and handed over the keys of his 4×4 plus whatever other personal belongings he had. One of the Bad Guys started to pistol whip him and tried to force him into his 4×4 for a possible Secuestro Express (Express Kidnapping: It denotes kidnapping a person and forcing him or her to withdraw his bank account via ATMS or even maybe calling home and asking for a low to moderate ransom to be delivered within a very short frame of time usually under a day. About 50% of the victims are killed during this crime) Godson was smart enough to put up a serious unarmed fight but got shot in the process. The kid is not big, but he is about 0.07% body fat and willing to use muscle. The fight must have been good that the BGs left without a single good and Godson drove himself to the hospital to get treated.

Even tough the dumb sonofabitch had his head looking for blemishes on his prostate instead of acting smart and safe, he acted decisively when the time came and managed to scare the BGs away and survived the encounter.

No matter how much we scan and stay aware, there is the chance we may get bushwhacked and the only way to survive it is to act fast and with lots of violence. You cannot plan for every situation (ask Bill Hitchcock) but if attacked and the opportunity arises, counter attack with all your fury plus a ton you can borrow from anywhere.