Isolated till next year.

My DSL internet connection went Tango Uniform about a week ago. The folks at AT&T determined (after asking for the 1000th to reset the modem and for the same amount m telling them I do not have a modem but fiber optic) that the wire from my house to the distribution box/thinghie is damaged and has to be replaced. As usual, I got told different time-lines and the best repair scenario as supposed to be yesterday, but reality and the Union reared their ugly heads and I was given the firm date of sometime after the passage of the Health Care Bill or 10 business days, whichever they feel more like it. So, I might be reconnected back by the 7th of January or when my doctor gets permission from an ACORN-Health Care specialist to use gloves during my examination.

In the meantime I am forced to fish for free wireless connections or spend time in my local McDonald’s and being asked to leave for spending six hours with just an order of fries and a small Coke plus telling the little kids to stop making so much noise in the jungle jim.