The system worked….yes it did!

A few days have passed after the bombing attempt by Umar Abdulmutallab  (A.K.A. the Depends Bomber) and in retrospect, the assertion by Janet Napolitano is true: The System Worked.

Why do I say that? Well this administration from the get go changed the aiming point on the fight against terrorism. First, there is no terrorism if it comes from AlQaeda, Taliban or any of those misunderstood Muslim Extremists (that would be Racial Profiling you jerk!) but “Man-Made Disasters” and DHS turned its attention to the true terrorists: those of us that are bitter and cling to our guns and religion.

Since in almost  year there have been no acts of terrorism from those fanatical inbred rednecks, the system has worked like a charm. Kudos Janet!

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