What I want for the New Year.

I m not calling them New Year’ resolutions because you well know it is a damn jinx. So, just simply what I want to do and will try to achieve, nothing more.

  1. Take care of myself: That means lose weight ( I did a great job earlier this year but let it slide some) and once and for all give up smoking. I ain’t getting any younger and all that crap I pulled as a youngster is coming back seeking payment in the form of aches, pains and tiredness.
  2. Seek a new job: Fortunately I am employed while millions are not, but this place is less than ideal in both monetary compensation and population of buttholes. I am getting older and grouchier and my standard allergy to idiots seems to have become much more sensitive, specially when a butthole tries to get me fired.
  3. Get more people into guns: I have scheduled a class for 3 individuals for NRA’s Basic Pistol on the second week of January. Let’s see if I can do more and more every month.
  4. Shoot more: This year I caught up with my abandoned IDPA but I am till short with rifle and no shotgun whatsoever. I started an ICORE thing down here, but unless I figure a way to get some range time, it may die in the vine as it is hard to get revolver shooters.  Must buy more primers and powder!
  5. Buy more books: I need fresh stuff and soon. I have on cue the Dexter and Jessie Stone series but I am guessing it will hold me till the first of March. As future buys are Paul Kirchner’s “Deadliest Men” books and his book on Cirillo’s Tales from the Stakeout Squad. Massad Ayoob’s Stressfire series and Gun Digest of Concealed Carry. Bill Jordan’s No Second Place Winner alongside Jeff Cooper To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak The Truth. Anything new from W.E.B. Cooper, Vince Flynn, Tom Clancy, Brad Thor and whomever I don’t know yet but writes this kind of thrillers. Also, I will need more wood to build book shelves even though my room has no space left on the walls.
  6. Go back to fishing: I did not do any fishing this year and I am ashamed because I am blessed with a great man-made lake as backyard. I can literally cast from my back porch and fight a nice peacock bass. My excuse was that my 2 rods died on me (ask me about South Florida UV ray dosage and their effects on fiberglass) but I am sure there will be some nice sales at BassPro. I did get a nice Gatorback medium for peanuts about 5 years ago and I am sure something similar will come along…. where the heck are my lures?
  7. Keep up this Blog: For myself and the 4 or 5 guys and gals that visit it. Besides, I already paid 2 extra years for the domain name 🙂