Gun Free Zones: some did not get the message.

Medical Gun Free Zone
Medical Gun Free Zone

This is what I found this morning going in my local hospital for the yearly blood work up.This particular hospital had signs up some 4 years ago but took them down. I was happy that they were not buying into the fake “feeling good & safe through signs” granola manure, but it seems there must be a new sheriff or moron in charge.

Oh well.

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  1. I thought signs like that had no force of law in Florida, and that only 790.06 (12) governed which places were defense-free zones?

  2. Very true. The worst case scenario would be that somebody would see a person carrying a concealed weapon (who accidentally displayed his gun), call security and have the person trespassed. Only after refusal of the trespass order police would be called and only to deal with the matter of trespassing itself.
    I did not mean to imply that you could not legally go in the hospital. My doc is well aware I carry everyday and he is very cool about it. He also takes care of a couple of police forces in the area so he is accustomed to see guns.

  3. I’m in Arizona at the moment, and I’m afraid the legislature here has no such provision protecting people from the capriciousness of property owners. While I don’t care to spend money where my gun and I are not wanted, I do feel sorry for anyone who walks into a defense-free zone and expects to be safe.

    I’m not sure, but I believe that Israel has a law that says if a property owner refuses to allow people to carry into their place of business, then the property owner must provide armed security for the customers. In most cases it’s a lot cheaper to let customers carry than pay for a guard (training + duty weapon + ammunition + more training).

    If that isn’t the case, then it’s a decent idea anyway. Providing against preventable evils (active shooters and jihadis) should be high on everybody’s priority list.

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