Have you watched the Winter Olympics? Huh, huh, huh?

Oh hell NO! I tuned three times (two by accident) and that was it. The first time I saw some guy wearing more make up than a hooker on a Saturday night and call me old fashioned but Maybelline is not something that pops up immediately when somebody mentions the Olympics. The second time I swear I saw Jeff Spicoli about to go down some slope on a over sized tongue depressor. The third time I saw the the same made-up guy with even  more make up an wearing enough sequins & feathers as to overthrow Liberace from his Las Vegas Museum.

When I was a kid, I had a chance to read about the real Olympics. Not the summer games but the games as played among the kingdoms in Greece and I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of bouts of that old style Olympic boxing. Instead of soft cushy gloves and head protection, the fighters wore gloves reinforced with metal (mostly lead), there were no 3 minute rounds and the fight was decided when either somebody called it quits or died.

And before some woman accuses me of being insensitive, I would like to point out that many athlete in the old times wore no uniform… hell didn’t wear much of anything. The Olympics back then were quite popular with the female population.

So, I’ll be rooting for this Canadian team:

Canadian Biathlon team
Canadian Biathlon team

Call me Oinker and fed me slop… I don’t care. Women should petition for Old Style Olympics.

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