Have you renewed your memberships yet?

Don’t ask me how, but I always manage to congeal all my subscriptions and memberships to die at the same darn time. So I just finished renewing NRA, IDPA and SWAT Magazine plus I have to send my contribution to Gun Rights Radio Network but I screwed around enough and just now opened an account with GunPal which is the Gun version of PayPal. Let me rephrase that so there is no confusion: GunPal has nothing to do with the schmucks at EBay/PayPal. GunPal covers the huge hole left by the PC morons at EBay/PayPal who develop a sudden rash of morality and cancel transactions and accounts if they are gun related somehow. GunPal was created by Gun People for Gun people so a wee bit support is suggested. We should support our guys, right?

So back to the original thought, Have you renewed your memberships & subscriptions?  Git to it! Do not procrastinate! I do that enough 😉

And do join GunPal…. please?