On getting old and deluded idiots.

The thing about getting old (notice I did not say to mature with age) is that I find myself having less patience dealing with people that spout fecal verbosity. I think I have become grouchy/crochety and I actually enjoy it to a point.

We all know there is nothing more insufferable that an idiot that does not know squat about guns trying to talk like an expert. That goes double if the person is young and cherishes the irresponsible life of a Gansta/Rapper/Urban Criminal. A couple of days ago, some whippersnapper at work was boasting about his “homies” in the neighborhood. This dumb kid was actually in awe at their “ability” with Glocks, “Choppers” (AKlons) and other weapons plus how cool they were in their “badness.” My mouth ran away and I asked him if his buddies shot with the guns sideways to which he responded yes. I just smiled and shut up not wanting to start an argument but it was too late. The Young Punk Wannabee suddenly took umbrage of my comment and proceeded to make the case for the badasses with lots of gusto and assorted words in Urban Slang. I stopped him, told him that “Hunting ain’t fun when the rabbit shoots back” and left. (I am sure that Young Punk Wannabee is still trying to digest the comment.)

Still, it bothered me. I have tried to reason with this particular person before about the dangers of having too much ego and mixing it with guns or any other deadly weapons. He asked me to instruct him so he could get his concealed weapons permit and I said no after a long meditation and some of his actions afterward. I kept on trying to instill some amount of logic and common sense about guns but I guess it did not take: He went for the MTV image instead of the reality of things.

I confess I was a bit upset and after I got home I wrote a long rambling post about Real Shooters versus Gang Bangers and how the homies would not have a chance against a half way trained Shooters but I decided not to publish it. It would go to waste on people like him and somebody would immediately feel insulted and start a rant about my insensitivity and racist tendencies and that meant I would have  to get nasty with the PC Moron and get more aggravated for nothing. Plus, Why give info away? I live in South Florida and there is always the chance of a Hurricane and social services being stretched way beyond their normal capacity so it is unable to reign in the Homies and the Predators and they don’t need to know what we are capable to do to them if they take a trip into the wrong neighborhood.

I guess I have to realize that some people are beyond saving. Tough call.

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  1. 🙁 dang, Miguel, now you have me all primed and antsy for a long and rambling post about Real Shooters and Gang Bangers. Shux, wish ya hadn’t tol’ us about it.
    Funny, though- thanx for the chuckles.
    Shy III



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