Congresscritters: “We needs protection from them Peoples!”

Well, it seems The People is pissed enough that they are letting know their alleged “Representatives” their displeasure with not very nice messages. Of course the Washington Royalty is now afraid that the peasants may revolt and are demanding they submit or Redcoats are going to be sent after them. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is demanding (what’s new?) that fellow Republican Congresscritters denounce any violence against Congress members that royally urinated on the Constitution. Now Mr. Hoyer, if the members of the Obama Chamber Potty formerly known as Congress would have follow the Will of the People and voted against Obamacare, you wouldn’t be needing “protection” against any fabricated threat (yes, I am calling it a fantasy. You guys are pond scum enough to do it and have done it in the past) but instead chose to try perpetuate yourselves in power and accept bribes & pork over the Good of the People.

Maybe you should find a copy of the Good Book (You know, that black book you used when you were sworn in and it might be somewhere in the bottom of a drawer?) and check Hosea 8:7, then you might understand.