A bad day at the range beats a day at work.

And yesterday was bad. Possibly one of my worst IDPA matches ever where not a thing happened just right, somewhat right or passably right. Funny thing was that a lot of people were that way too. Surgical shooters were hitting No-Shoots like they were Collaborators, Failures to Neutralize were the norm and we didn’t have stages that were too hard. About the only things that were running right were the New Shooters (5 of them introduced to IDPA) and everybody was safe with their guns.

Is there a Spring Sickness I am supposed to know about? It was the first week out of an unseasonable cold weather for South Florida. There was a constant cool breeze but the sun shined enough that we got a bit of a reddish tan and some more than necessary… which reminds me we must implement our customary Heat Exhaustion/Sickness/Stroke protocols.

Whatever it was, it did not bring the worst on people. Fifty Six shooters were exhausted, disappointed at ourselves but in a good mood. Nothing can beat that.  It is always good to shoot some and hang out with your buddies.

One thing did come out half right.

Not a bad one coming from me and only 34 photos taken. I usually get a decent one out of a hundred plus.

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