Gun Violence at a Gun Free Zone Stabucks.

Armed robbery at a Starbucks located inside of the University of Miami. UM is a Gun Free Zone, but apparently nobody informed the Bad Guys of this decision.  I wonder if the robbery would have happened with a shop full of Open Carry people but at least we can tell Brady and Co. that a Gun Free Starbucks is not so safe & secure after all.

By the way, in the same news item I found something interesting. After Virginia Tech, Universities decided that the best way to deal with major crimes and specially incidents like an Active Murderous Shooter was to warn everybody via email & text messages. I am not shocked to see that the system is used for “very important stuff”:

“It’s a little bit shocking,because usually when we get crime alerts, it’s either a test or something minor like somebody snatching an iPod

Cry wolf and all of that….

UPDATE: Perps caught! It was an inside job where an employee left the door open so the accomplices could come in and clean the till. Again the one thing that called my attention was the reaction of the students:

UM student Gemma Shields noted, “I think it’s really terrible. It’s really shocking that we’re on campus, and something like this is happening where we’re supposed to be secure.”

That what they said at Virginia Tech too.

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