Death Prescription.

David Codrea brings us the health tip of the day courtesy of Kaiser Permanente. It seems that among the many things you can do to improve your quality of life such as wearing a seat belt, eat fruits and vegetables or drinking fluids, you should unload and lock away all your firearms.

As I am reading this, I have the TV on in the background where I can hear our local Murder und Mayhem TV station providing info on a home robbery invasion that happened in Plantation, nearby beautiful Fort Lauderdale.

Police said, at around 12:34 Tuesday morning, an intruder stormed into the home along Northwest Sixth Court and 75th Terrace and tied up and robbed the couple inside. “I heard some shots,” said Adino.

Neighbors said even though the husband cooperated with the intruder and handed over valuables, he was shot dead. “Why did they kill him? She said they gave them everything that they have, so why did he kill him,” said Adino, baffled.

So how are these two items connected? They are not… yet.

You know it will happen eventually. Somebody will actually heed the “Health Care Professional’s” advise, secure his or her firearms and get killed by those stupid instructions. If we are lucky, a huge and necessary lawsuit will ensue and send a company into a tailspin. Pundits will come out to defend the imbecile that came up with this amazing stupidity and point out that you actually have no chance to defend yourself in this situation. The usual fake statistic researches will pop out telling you that you are more liable to die with a gun in your house and the victim will be blamed for having appealing consumer goods in the household that attracted the poor criminal who has been denied the good things in life by an uncaring society. Of course the NRA, SAF, GOA, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, El Niño, Global Warming, Gun Bloggers, and a slew of others will get a lion’s share of the blame for not contributing with the creation of Walden 2 as the Gods of Progressive Thinking have intended.

If you happen to be under the care of a physician or medical group that subscribe to the idea that you are a stumbling idiot and must be kept disarmed in the name of political correctness, I suggest you print out a copy of this form and have them sign it: FIREARMS SAFETY COUNSELING REPRESENTATION: PHYSICIAN QUALIFICATIONS AND LIABILITY and them promptly ignore their advice. Remember that those carrying a stethoscope are harmful to your health.

UPDATE: More info on the murder. It was also a double murder attempt and arson. The Scumbag set the house on fire with the wife tied inside the house and a 5 year old sleeping. When apprehended, tried and convicted, I volunteer to push the IV with Drano in his ass.