Don’t cry about the company you keep and the consequences.

The video shows an edited and editorialized version of an event that happened in 2007 where an Apache engaged a group of “civilians” which included two “journalists” working for Reuters. I have no idea who works in Wikileaks, but they must have the weirdest set of eyes in history. They fail to see at least 2 men armed with rifles (one having the distinct AK shape) and another person carrying an RPG but they identify with certainty the “reporters” and almost the serial number of the video cameras they allegedly have. The clamor is because they shot this group of 8 individuals for no reason even though you can hear the radio transmissions from the chopper and the ground about a Bradley unit nearby. After a generous dose of fire by the Apache, a van shows up to collect bodies. Fearing that besides the bodies, the new arrivals might collect weapons, the crew asks for permission to re-enagage and after obtaining it, the van becomes a-holee chunk of metal. Sadly, the moron driver of the van had 2 children inside who were injured in the attack.You cannot make out the children before or after the attack until the Bradley column arrives and the soldiers take the kids for medical attention. You will see a badly CSI attempt to enhance the video and point out the camera carried by the “journalists” and the heads of the kids in the driver’s side window of the van… of course you will see only a dark squarish object under the arm of one of the individuals and two round images on the window. I imagine you are allowed to use your imagination and also see two kitties, a pair of sunflowers or whatever is your desire.

The the patchouli infused whiners at Wikileaks of course lay the whole blame on the Apache crew, the US army, the Military-Industrial complex, Dick Chenney, Batman and the Cuban guy who sells churros in Hialeah by 49th street and Palm Avenue. However it never crosses their mind to wonder what the hell these two “journalist” were doing hanging around armed males sneaking peeks around a building and down the street where a column of Bradleys was going by.  They never even question why a sane person would drive a van with kids inside where a a military helicopter just finished redecorating the street with anatomical parts, live and in color. I am sure that the Apache crew felt worse than the parent that so blatantly and carelessly placed his kids in the line of fire. We all feel bad, innocents should not be used as human shields or be the victims of their parents stupidity. Hopefully Dad is in Hell right now paying for his amazing display of child welfare.

And what about the poor poor Reuters “Journalists”? Careful about the company you keep and where are you working. Stupid hurts or in this case, it kills.

PS: I did a quick Google search for Reuters journalist killed in Action and, Dude! It is dangerous working for Reuters. They just popped one in Thailand.

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  1. I don’t know what planet the Wikileak people live on (actually, I do, since I’m, from an ultra-lib city), but what I saw was an ambush being set up and “journalists” tagging along to film Americans getting killed (probably could get a lot for the footage). I also observed extremely professional and disciplined behavior by American troops, who acted immediately to help the children when they became aware of them.

    This is in incredible contrast to the Al Queda fighters, who use civilians for cover and kill women and children regularly and as a matter of course (bazaar, mosque, funeral bombings; making “examples” of people to cow the public; torture as a regular proceedure — real torture, the kind that leaves people mutulated and/or dead — etc.)

    Reuters needs to decide which side they’re on. If they want to run around with Al Queda and film ambushes of Americans, they should be banned (at least — maybe shot on sight) at any American base. If the Americans were dumb enough to hold their fire because of a journalist tagging along with an ambush squad, then it is easily predictable that Al Queda would bring these “journalists” along every time.

    The Wikileak people have made it clear whose side they are on — apparently they are perfectly OK with Al Queda atrocities.



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