Pocket Carry… Finally and never again.

Today I decided to do a Pocket Carry as if it was my normal everyday carry. The few times I have carried the wife’s Rossi R46202, it was in an El Paso Saddlery Snap-Off holster: or if it was a quick run to the local Farm Store drive -thru for a gallon of milk, the gun was on my vest pocket.

Today I had to go out to the doctor for a quick “help my back is killing me” visit and after a stop at Lowes for jigsaw blades. I chose a pair of relaxed fit jeans that had deep pockets but not too wide and the gun fit perfectly. No turning or twisting and enough space for my paw to get to the gun with some modicum of speed and control. Since I do not have reloading strips, I chose to take 2 speedloaders by Safariland: a COMP-1 that went into my right vest pocket and a COMP-3 that went into the depths of my left pant’s pocket.  I use both in my IDPA matches so I am quite comfortable with their operation and I know they are fast and reliable.

OK, why the vest if I was doing Pocket Carry? I have worn vests of many different kinds since I was 17-18 so everybody that knows me is used to see me with one. I also have to admit the vest has become my man-purse. Other than a knife and a bandana, I do not carry anything in my pants pocket; my vest as everything a Modern Tactical Urbanite (I gotta copyright that one) should have. I get home, shed my vest and hang it and I am done; I need to get out, I don my vest and I am almost ready. Ta-da!

OK, back to the Pocket Carry. My first disappointment and Duh! moment came when I jumped (read:slithered slowly and painfully) into the truck’s seat and realized there was no way in hell I could reach for the gun in case of emergency or carjacking. That right there killed the whole project for me.  Still I decided to go on and see if I could find the good in it and I did. Pocket Carry is less stressful on the lower back, specially on ones in pain. I have a very comfortable pancake holster for everyday carry, but even that sucker was bothersome during the last couple of days. Point for Pocket Carry. At the doctor’s office I was able to sit down on the chairs with arms without fear of getting stuck but again, no way to access quickly the gun if SHTF. During examination I was asked why I was not carrying my gun today and I smiled. Even dropping trou was not an issue (I know, TMI) and the doctor did not have a clue I was armed. Point for Pocket Carry.

After leaving the doctor’s office (BTW located in a Gun Free Zone which gets ignored. I love Florida!) I proceeded to the local Wally World to fill my prescriptions and then to Lowes and in both places there were no awkward looks, whispering and fingerpointing at the bulk in my pocket. I did find myself walking with my hands in both my pockets without thinking and the right hand on safely the gun. I am guessing not being used to carry like that made me a tad nervous and wanted to have fast access which is amazing since my brain ain’t usually that bright.  After that, I just went home and again i was blessed I did not have to use deadly force.

Conclusion: Pocket Carry is comfortable and I imagine even more so if done with one of the smaller pocket autos.  Personally, barring back pain, not being to able a cover garment or other unusual situation, I will not make it my main way of carrying a gun. The car thing is a deal killer IMHO and I like having the easiness to access my weapon fast and from a holster. Again, it is my choice and might not be yours as long as you know what you are doing and carry right. And it beats being armed with nothing!