Everybody Draw Muhammad Day…. creator says “Never Mind!”

Molly Norris is exacting mea culpa by the gallons. On her website, she depicts herself on a caricature giving reasons and excuses plus a written statement about Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. Apparently she did not expect the cartoon to go viral and she soiled her recycled panties at the horror of offending somebody Non-Republican, Non-Tea Party or related approved-to-insult groups. Do notice that the cartoon depicts her wearing a T-shirt with a well known logo which might explain a lot. Even the L.A. Times seems to be miffed at Ms. Norris’ change of underwear. I am guessing they thougt she was related to Chuck.

Well Ms. Norris I am sorry you never expected that Everybody Draw Muhammad Day would go crazy like it did. Personally I am going to be posting my crudely photoshopped cartoon on May 20 and if anybody gets pissed about it, tough tittie said the kitty when the milk went dry.

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