NRA: The Gun Owners’ Welfare State.

The new trend amongst the gun “chic” is to openly badmouth the NRA. According to several posts in blogs and open letters, we should basically go to Virginia and set fire to the NRA Building ’cause the NRA is not doing enough. The latest and loudest comes from the director Jewish For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership Aaron Zelman in An Open Letter To Ted Nugent: “The Day I’ll Join The NRA.

Others are bitching about the NRA’s meet in North Carolina not being allowed to carry inside the convention center. Others are still pissed that the NRA got in the Supreme Court presentation in McDonald v. Chicago even though  that after reading the transcripts, it seems we will be winning because the NRA’s due process clause approach after the beating Alan Gura (and God Bless this man’s work) took from all judges about Incorporation.

So the gripes against the NRA are limitless. I posted in Say Uncle that by next week, somebody will say that the NRA was secretly funding the Violence Policy Center. I am willing to bet that the loudest crybabies are the ones that only pay the yearly $35 for NRA’s membership.  That little card it seems has become the Official Welfare Card of the Gun Owners because their “members” make some amazing demands and in a time frame that borders selective stupidity. It seems that personal responsibility went out the window and we are behaving exactly as like those lazy ass bastards on the Government Cheese sucking the life out of the hard working people through taxation to pay for their housing, medicines and … yes, government cheese.

Some examples why NRA is bad (according to the crybabies) because :

  • It hasn’t destroyed The National Firearms Act.
  • It has not achieved yet Constitutional Carry.
  • Does not provide Lawyers Pro Bono if you are stupid enough to break gun laws.
  • It is too cozy with Cops. (Like pissing off all LEOs is something to be proud of or even smart.)
  • They are too close to Washington D.C.

The crybabies demand (for $35 a year):

  • Free Guns
  • Free Ammo
  • Instant reversal of US v. MIller.
  • Instant Constitutional Carry (The fact that carrying a weapon was unheard off in the last century and a half except in the West does not apply)
  • Free pro Bono lawyers for any kind of legal problems.
  • Do more for Hunting and less for Gun Rights
  • Do more for Gun Rights and less for Hunting.
  • Get pro gun laws written, passed by congress and signed into law within 24 hours (just like they solve crimes in CSI)

Really people, shut the fuck up. And pardon my french but enough with the rubbish.

3 Replies to “NRA: The Gun Owners’ Welfare State.”

  1. “(The fact that carrying a weapon was unheard off in the last century and a half except in the West does not apply)”

    Prior to the sixties carrying a firearm was common and barely noticed – much less commented upon.


  2. Unless you were very well connected, carrying a concealed firearm was such a burden it was not worth the trouble. Permits were “may issue” in most of the country and in a county level. Stepping over the border into another county may land you in a heap of legal trouble and that only if the local law man liked you enough to issue you a permit. Sometimes the requirements for a permit were such that kept regular joes and minorities from obtaining them. Some places you were to get letters of prominent people to endorse your permit which gave way to major corruption. A remaining example is having a local LEO head or judge sign for NFA paperwork.
    The Sullivan Law (enacted in 1911)and other copies that came after that are also plain examples of those restrictions.


  3. The Peoples Republic of New York hardly characterizes the Nation as a whole.
    At sixteen I was able to legally carry an unloaded handgun as long as it was visible.
    At nine I was able to carry a rifle and ammunition into my school on days when the Cub/Boy Scouts were going to the range after school.
    At 11 I was able to carry a loaded rifle into the presence of LEO’s along the local river just outside the city limits (my regular shooting spot) with no particular notice being taken.
    My Uncle Gene, who regularly carried a sidearm (and was one of the few members of my family who could afford airline travel) always boarded his flights armed without a word being said about it.
    You may be too young to remember, or perhaps your experience too limited to your location, but you are presenting an inaccurate view of past firearms freedoms.
    I was there.
    I remember what it was like.



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