Facepalm News: The Iron Pipeline…. mostly blowing verbal flatulence.

(cue ominous music)
The Iron Pipeline is the importation of illegal guns that land in Newark and are to be used to kill cops. (end ominous music) This is according to Newark’s Police Director Garry McCarthy. In the video you will see an M16, an MP5k and even a good old SKS.

You know and I know that we just can’t go to the local Mom & Pop gun shop or Gun Show and walk away with full auto weapons (I know, a shock to Bloomberg et all) so it makes you wonder where in the heck these “Cop Killing Weapons” came from. Since only Law Enforcement have easy access to full auto firearms and there have been cases of such weapons being stolen from police cruisers and assorted feds, one has to wonder if the first responsible in feeding the Iron Pipeline are dumb LEOs. Call it The Blue on Blue Iron Pipeline.

Hat tip to Maddened Fowl