Nashville. Get Well Soon.

I lived a bit over three years in Nashville. More than living, it was home because of the people who were kind to a darn foreigner who barely spoke enough English to order a burger and ask for the restroom. It was in Nashville where I learned a new language, discovered that Halloween was my favorite bought my first gun (A Beretta .25 tilt-up barrel at the now defunct The Arms Room),  got drunk on white lightning, met Waylon, Jessie, Willy and half Kansas (the band, not the state), savored the best pancakes in the world at The Pancake Pantry and met the woman that has been my wife for almost a quarter of a century.

Nashville taught me to be independent, ornery, and to take things with humor. I still remember a hellish ice storm that kept us indoor for 4 days… or should have. There were some dear rednecks that did go out driving in the streets cum ice rinks with the predictable results and all caught on video. Nothing like seeing an old battered pick up truck going downhill totally out of control and you could hear the driver screaming the rebel yell a top of his lungs till he crashed into another vehicle that already crashed into another. The driver got out and said “Well now that was fun!” and the driver of the target car, standing on the sidewalk agreed with him!

So, even though my dear old city is today recovering from what is called a Thousand Year Flood, I could not help and smile when I saw this picture:

I see they are still headstrong an laughing up there.

PS: I am so craving for Silver Dollar pancakes right now.