Gallery of Scumbags: President Calderon and the US Congress.

So Mexican President Calderon comes to Congress and gets standing ovations from the congresscritters when he lashes against Arizona and blames all the ills of Mexico’s Drug Wars on the sunset of the Assault Weapon’s Ban.

If you invite a guest to your house and he decides to crap on your living room floor and make a pass at your wife, unless you are some sort of amoral creep, you don’t cheer him or remain silent (like the GOP congress-idiots did) you grab them by the neck and toss him out while planting such  firm kick in his buttocks that he leaves with your shoe.

That the United States was allowed to be insulted in the People’s House is just amazing. It is just embarrassing that nobody had the balls to tell Calderon to shut the fuck up and to take a hike.

Remember November.

Hat Tip to John Lott.