Top Shot = Yawn Fest.

You know it is not going to be a good show when you are sipping your morning caffeine intake while watching the DVR play and you fall asleep before the second set of commercials.  This is a version of Survivor with guns, and equally boring. About the only saving grace is that the range is in a beautiful country, you have some great practitioners of the Arms and there seems to be a variety of weapons to shoot with all the ammo you want… which came handy for one of the teams.

I do not know any of the shooters personally, but I am sure they are better persons than portrayed. The Survivor-Type format is designed to show the worst in people and I am damn sure none of them are like that. We Are Shooters, we are not whinny little idiots who scheme and plot to kick the “dangerous” one off the island. They should get rid of those stupid team blue versus team red rules and just have everybody against everybody using a bunch of weapons from all ages and let them rip. Whomever wins, gets more points that the others and the one who gets the most points, wins! So frigging simple.

And for the “human” side, get out some good chili, some beers and let them talk after the match is over. Let them jokes, tell stories, get serious, get silly and share experiences.  You have done it, I have done it and it is sometimes the best part of a shooting day. Regular people WILL GET IT. That will make for great TV even though it may end up rated TV-M.

2 Replies to “Top Shot = Yawn Fest.”

  1. That’s too bad, I thought that the show was an interesting idea, too bad the screwed it all up with all that “survivor” crap.

    You last paragraph sound a lot like you are describing the ProArms podcast when we do our regular round-table which hasn’t been too regular lately.



  2. The shooting was good… the “drama” was annoying. The Fast Forward button will be used a lot.
    I bet you have done more than one dinner at a restaurant with other shooters but, have you paid attention to other tables nearby? It is not unusual to have a couple or more trying to listening in to a conversation amongst shooters… because it is fun!
    Sarah pointed out she enjoys listening because there is always somebody with an interesting story, joke or life lesson. And yes, that is the attraction of the ProArms roundtable. We are the Gun Culture and we have a lot to share and non-shooting people will find it fascinating and illuminating.



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