NRA Moochers Demand Action Against The NRA.

And the whining continues. Now the Moochers are demanding that people should contact the NRA and let them know the “deal” of the DISCLOSE bill stinks. Of course it stinks for them because they are not covered. It is that simple. Forget about the mouthfuls of calls about the First Amendment or anything else. That they couldn’t do a damn thing on their own or their “No Compromise” organizations against DISCLOSE seems to be escaping their slight mental grasp.

The funny thing is that these pathetic patriotic partisans for the First and All the Amendments are wasting their time calling for action against the NRA rather than calling for action against the congress-critters that came up with the bill.

In gun-speak we call that missing the target.

In the meantime do send some money to the NRA-ILA now that you know your contributions are spent on NRA business and taking care of NRA members instead of trying to pacify crying useless babies demanding Gun Owner’s Welfare out of your membership and donations.

PS: It seems the NRA deal might kill the bill altogether. According to Countertop Chronicles this deal can become the poison pill that buries DISCLOSE before it comes out of the congressional womb. This would be a great nut crunching kick to the Obama Administration, Congress and the NRA Moochers…ouchie.

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  1. Let me get this straight, the Democrats offered a “carve-out” to the NRA which allows the NRA to keep protecting our 2nd Amendment rights, a bill that if made law, will effectively silence the Brady Campaign, the Violence Policy Center, and Bloomberg’s Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns and this is a sell-out?

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