Le Dunce se Moi.

I check my fellow Floridian A Dixie Carpetbagger everyday and just now I realized that I did not have him in my blogroll.  My apologies extended and I shall serve penance for my unthinkable transgression. We don’t seem to have many Floridians blogging so we must make do. Then again there is a kick ass blogger in north Fla. and you ain’t got him: Massad Ayoob On Guns.

I wonder where can I find a Bonnie Blue flag in Miami.

2 Replies to “Le Dunce se Moi.”

  1. I buy mine online. Though, the Bonnie Blue tends to be a Panhandle thing– we were an independent country for a whole three months. (chuckle)

    I had no idea Mas had moved down here full time. Thought he was still up in his hometown up North. I also have no idea how I didn’t have his blog on my roll… thanks for adding me, and reminding me to add Mas.



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