Ayn Rand and the NRA Haters.

I have a sad confession to make: I am reading Atlas Shrugged for the first time in my life. I started a couple of days ago and it is a slow going but mostly because the font is so damn small. I also found out that one of her other books was turned into a movie which happen to be one of my favorites in the “Nobody liked it but me.” category: The Fountainhead.

I am barely in Part One Section VI but I do know what the book is about. What it strikes me as sadly funny is that I keep finding parallels between the “Socially Conscious”  jackasses in the book attacking the Achievers and the “Right Conscious” jackasses badmouthing the NRA for not thinking about them about DISCLOSE.  The language is sometimes identical and their attitudes are 100% identical. That is some scary shit right there Bubba.

If you are capable and willing to read other stuff other than GOA press release, i would ask you very politely to get your copy of Atlas Shrugged, they have them cheap in EBay. The way I see it, you may open your horizons (that is polite for “removing the crap between wedged your ears”) and maybe help with your outlook on the world (which is polite for saying “Stop Whining and move your ass into action.”)

PS: My God! I have become Rob!

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  1. Atlas Shrugged is VERY slow going for a long time.
    Stick with it, though. And if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself skipping through the long dialog sections, to get to the meat of the story.


  2. Achievers?

    You are a little backwards, the NRA is attacking the achievers.. The past 2 years they have been fighting against the citizens of Georgia’s rights in favor of keeping their monopoly.

    “If government had taken over the auto industry in 1920, today we’d all be driving Model-T cars — and saying, “If it weren’t for the government, we’d have no cars at all.” — Harry Browne, former Libertarian Presidential Candidate

    When the NRA takes over all other 2nd amendment protection organizations, we’ll all be living under AWBs and other compromised restrictions/losses” and saying “If it weren’t for the NRA, we’d have no guns at all”.

    I’m not against the NRA or their entity, just wish they weren’t against the good citizens of Georgia.


  3. So jay, what you are saying is that the NRA is against the Second Amendment?

    You realize how ludicrous is that thought?

    Wait… the NRA was supposed to do everything for everybody, right? I mean, you can get a free M4 for the $35 a year one pays for and NRA membership.

    Hippie please!


  4. Great book, especially in these days of “hope and change.” Don’t skip the long stuff (Gault”s speech is 90 pages but worth it.) Do skip the last 50 pages as Ayn must have had to be someplace because she just mailed in those pages.


  5. @ Miguel:

    The NRA is not against the second amendment (per se). They are against other groups championing the second amendment. The NRA wants the monopoly on gun rights. They want to be the ONLY gun rights group.

    The past 2 years, each legislative season, the NRA has come down to Georgia and tried to derail very positive legislation that made real progress in regaining our rights in the state of Georgia. That’s why i did not renew my membership with the NRA. (If you want sources, try searching Snowflakes in Hell’s site….Sebastian and the president of GeorgiaCarry.org got into it. Sebastian had a hard time believing the NRA wasn’t always on our side when it came to gun rights)

    And further about “not being on our side”…. how long has the NRA been around? How many bans and restrictions have happened since the NRA’s inception? Most every one. Clinton gun ban…. signed off on by the NRA. (Oh, but they got the sunset provision, wasn’t that nice?)

    So the next time you are trying to get meaningful legislative changes through your state’s government, don’t be surprised when the NRA comes down and attempts to put provisions in your bill that they know will likely kill your bill.

    Enjoy your fundraising group. Send em money every time they ask…. that’s all they care about… your money… not your best interests.

    The NRA needs to straighten its act up. And NRA members need to be more aware of what their organization is doing.


  6. “The NRA is not against the second amendment (per se).”
    Well is it or isn’t it?

    “How many bans and restrictions have happened since the NRA’s inception? Most every one. Clinton gun ban…. signed off on by the NRA. (Oh, but they got the sunset provision, wasn’t that nice?)”

    Since 1871? Plenty, but then again the NRA did not become a Second Amendment single issue group since the 1980’s.
    And snort/giggle all you want about the Sunset Provision, but the only reason the AWB does not exist anymore is because of that. Have you seen any other gun law with it ever since?

    One thing that every state group seem to forget is that the NRA will support if it can a regional group…. but it will not do the work for them. The first example was Florida’s Concealed Weapons Permit law which the NRA assisted but it was the state organizations that pushed it forward. Now some equate the NRA not helping as openly opposing which I see as disingenuous in the best of cases or outright lies in the worst.
    The NRA will not take all cases just because it simply can’t. Now, you all can stop bitching and whining about the NRA-Not-Playing-Gun-Owners-Welfare-State or you can get off your butts and do something at your state level. Unfortunately so far the only group being effective is the NRA because the biggest complainers like the GOA have done absolutely zilch other than take credit for shit they were never a part of.
    The NRA is like a hammer, not perfect for all applications but does the job and sometimes it comes out ugly.

    I leave one last question for you. If the NRA had not gotten the exception, what would have happened to the DISCLOSE bill?



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