Prejudiced some?

The Jackson County district attorney says it’s now OK to carry a concealed weapon in his county. But, the sheriff and Black River Falls police chief say they’ll continue to arrest people for breaking the law…..

“Ten minutes after publication of the district attorney’s decision, every wannabe Wyatt Earp in this county will strap on their hog leg and strut about town not because they need to protect themselves, but simply because they now feel they can,” Gilberg says. “This will have a chilling effect on the community and I believe an adverse effect on gun ownership rights in the long term as people sitting on the fence about this issue may have a different view after they have stopped by their local watering hole only to find it packed with people carrying guns.”
Black River Falls Police Chief Donald Gilberg.

Yikes! Are we a bit too much full of power and don’t feel like respecting the law? Somebody needs a spanking and removal from office.  A couple of major lawsuits for unlawful arrest could not hurt either.

Hat Tip to Maddened Fowl.