Miami’s Trail Glades Range sponsors Rap Gun “Safety”. (NSFW)

Not Safe For Work or conductive to a good digestion.

Welcome to Miami’s Trail Glade range, the new Gansta Paradise. I am fuming 5 kinds of color smoke over the irresponsibility of the Range Master or whoever was stupid enough not to stop this video while on the making.

No, it is not that I disagree with the Right of the Tattooed Morons to Free Speech through Rap, but the insanity of the piss poor weapons handling and lack of Gun Safety both inside the range and the parking lot is appalling. This is a range that just recently finished a first phase multi million dollar renovation after almost a decade of lobbying by all shooting clubs of the area (we are still waiting for shooting bays for the Action Shooting Sports) and it is not good for the image of Miami-Dade County and the Shooting community in general that this range does not practice or enforce Gun Safety.

I’ve been told that some employees of the Range are somewhat nervous that the video hit Youtube. That tells me that the level of brain power running Trail Glades is not very high because everything video ends up in Youtube in these days of that thing called the Internet. Afraid for their jobs in this bad economic times? I am more afraid that the range I visit regularly is not safe for my fellow shooters and myself.

If you are a shooter live in the Tetra-County area (or even if you are just a pissed off fellow shooter), you may want to contact Miami Dade Country Parks & Recreation and leave a piece of your mind.  I already did and then some.

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  1. Interesting, to say the least. After waiting half an hour to load the video, however, I’m looking at it this way…
    I didn’t see anything to get excited about, really, except…
    If all Patriots were as familiar with, practiced with, and were as accurate with, their weapons, there is little to be concerned about.
    The thing is ( the speakers on this old machine leave lots to be desired…) though I couldn’t understand their words, I understand their actions and have only to see them and know that war is brewing, so close, and the time for accelerated practice and weapons ‘familiarization’ is NOW, not some future date when we “think” things are going to get bad. That time is now, not some future “maybe” date.
    Being unfamiliar with the range you mentioned, I really can’t comment on the owner’s culpability as to the gun handling- which showed good familiarity to me, like an experienced carpenter, people comfortable with their tools. They weren’t the best at range ettiquet, but they knew where their muzzle was and what could happen if the gun went off.
    So, I guess I’m thinking it’d be naive to think that only the decent and honest people know how to handle firearms or are willing to use them in defense of their lifestyle/country/aspirations, or would want to. And it’s certainly naive to think that ghetto kids aren’t going to be accurate when they shoot at people. Folks who watch too much TV or movies may have that mindset, but not realisitic people.
    If anything, the video made me want to get to the range now- it’s about 2350hrs- and get in some nite-time practice.
    Shy III

  2. The range in question is part of the Miami Dade Parks & Recreation. A public facility.

    The muzzle violations I see (and anybody that goes to that range) are clear to us that patronize the range which I guess, I was aiming my post so I do understand why you would not see the dangers and I apologize for assuming (we know the rest of the saying 🙂 ). They manage to sweep pretty much the Range master booth, the pistol range, the classroom and the parking lot on the scenes shot from inside the range. I can almost bet that they pretty much aim the muzzle at the classroom,, the pistol range and a nearby casino (Miccosukee Resort & Gaming, directly west from the range) at the scenes shot from the parking lot. Add to that the shooting one handed and not looking at the target or downrange and we have a nightmare scenario.

  3. I agree with your assessment of the muzzle sweeps and one-handed/aimless shooting, and aiming at buildings, windows, and others is definitely a no-no.
    A flip side of that coin, though, is important, IMO. The definite lack of concern displayed for the safety of others, of having the ability to fire from any position, using a pistol in each hand simultaneously, shooting with periferal vision, et-al, shows the mind-set of the opponent. Kind of like the boxers staring each other down as the ref explains the rules, they are trying to win the fight through intimidation.
    So, ultimately, I guess I see their kind of actions as a challenge and threat to be met with greater force and training on my own part. These kind of videos really do inspire me to practice, more so than seeing some new and improved technique from a well-known shooting school or instructor. A Catch-22, I guess.
    It’s definitely wrong to endanger others with our negligence, more so with guns, and we should strive to insure everyone is a Range Safety Officer whenever we shoot. And we learn to know our enemy.
    Thanks for putting up with me ranting, Miguel. I appreciate your temperance.
    Shy III

  4. My pleasure sir, thanks for dropping by.

    And I agree, if that is the average they have to offer, they have a nasty surprise coming..

    PS: You did notice the fake bullet holes, right?

  5. My thanks to my brother-in-arms, Raul, who sent me this link.

    Very enlightening, not to mention the catchy tune. I couldn’t quite understand all the lyrics. Yo, my bad.

    I look forward to showing this video to the next class I teach. Maybe it will motivate my students to practice more.

    Don’t get ready, BE ready.

    Regards, Mike

  6. Before we crucify the folks at Miami-Dade Parks and Rec and the Trail Glades staff, lets check and see if we have all the facts. For all we know, prop guns were used in the parking lot scene. Perhaps they didn’t even use real bullets when they were shooting. I suspect that there were actual violations of gun safety rules. I’ve got to admit that allowing this type of video to be shot regardless of the safety precautions taken, instills unsafe gun handling practices to young and impressionable folks.

  7. Maybe it’s time to start doing back ground checks on the Trail Glades members. These choir boys are not the types that belong on a firing range. They shouldn’t have guns in their possession to begin with.

    Look at what they’re packing, pistol grip pump action shotguns; AK-47s configured with pistol grip/ext stk, drum mag/banana clip, bipod, tac scope; MP-5, MAC-10, Glock 19/23; most of their toys are short range, high capacity, relatively inaccurate, firearms designed to put out a high volume of fire as quickly as possible. They”re at Trail Glades to hone their marketing and posturing skills, not their marksmanship.

    These fine specimens know just enough to cause mayhem and casualties galore and laugh about it on Youtube afterward. They need to be hunted down and taken out of circulation. I hope the rangemaster has quick access to law enforcement and backup personnel the next time weenie wankers of this ilk show up to do some “shooting.”

  8. this was done without the ranges approval and some people got an ear full. These idiots are what gives the shooting sports a bad name.

  9. Nothing illegal happen in this video except no permit to shoot a commercial video on public property.

    Instead the range decided that it should ban another constitutional amendment to prevent this sort of type of music/rap/action happen from again.

    More like a big racist thing. I am sure if they were all singing country in cowboy boots nothing would be said about it, but instead they are a rap group that are wanna be gangsta’s under rick ross’s umbrella (after all rick ross was a correctional officer) his hard core gangsta life got the best of him right?

    Anyways. I see no safety violations at the range, all the other scenes were filmed off property so the safety was on them, and as others have said it could’ve been prop guns.

    I am sure this post will be censored.

  10. Anyways. I see no safety violations at the range

    Other than the shotgun being swept uprage and over the legs of the cameraman, shooting the said shotgun without looking at the target, shooting the AKlon without looking at the target, and the myriad of gun sweeps at the parking lot, it was a shinning example of safe gun handling.

    Instead the range decided that it should ban another constitutional amendment to prevent this sort of type of music/rap/action happen from again.

    There is no First Amendment protection for dangerous gun manipulation.

    More like a big racist thing. I am sure if they were all singing country in cowboy boots nothing would be said about it, but instead they are a rap group that are wanna be gangsta’s

    They all could be White Arians singing the chorus of the Tannhauser overture while twirling MP-5s and they would still be criticized and kicked for utmost idiocy.

    I am sure this post will be censored

    Nah, you are a reminder that there are people out there that should stay home playing Modern Warfare in their X-Boxes rather than having them at the range.

  11. Miguel.

    I’ve worked at that range. The range master is clueless. While on duty there I was often left alone on the firing line to watch everyone at the same time. Of course the nepotism was rampant. He favored his friends that worked below him, and never gave any reprimand while they left their duties unattended.

    Eventually I left when I found other employment but I did bring it up, nothing was done.

    I am arguing that my first amendment right was infringed on a public park when I went to go shoot with friends. When I introduce firearms to a person that isn’t pro-gun to teach them that guns can be safe, and all the while wanting to document it safety behind the line. I was told I couldn’t because someone filmed a ‘gang related video’ and ‘gang activity in the area was on the rise’

    After discussing this to a park PR guy via email. He stated that other guest might not want to be filmed, and that in itself shouldn’t be a disqualification in a public place since you have no expectation of privacy outside of your house or bathroom, or private business.

    If you do look closely you do see that they are following the rules of the range. Looking away while shooting. I could give you that one wasn’t safe, but who’s fault was that? Range personal not educating and warning them of not doing it.

    If Miami Dade Parks wanted to do something about it, they would’ve gotten legal action for filming illegally. Did they do it? No.. Instead they wanted to prevent citizens that have a legal right to film in public places at the range. It is a public range. It’s not private. As long as all safety rules are followed another person holding a camera doesn’t impact safety.

    If the shooter is doing something dangerous that should warrant action.

    Are you going to say that the first amendment any less equal to the second amendment?

    No they should go hand in hand with all the other rights afforded to us.

    In the end. These guys illegally filmed a commercial video without a permit in the county.

    I am glad I can bring logic into an argument but you can only bring up insults about video games and their relations to the real world. Take a class on the Constitution so you can have a better insight on rights.

    1. Are you going to say that the first amendment any less equal to the second amendment?

      Speech that creates imminent lawless action is not covered by the First Amendment. Brandenburg v. Ohio.

      Florida Stautes 790.10 Improper exhibition of dangerous weapons or firearms.–If any person having or carrying any dirk, sword, sword cane, firearm, electric weapon or device, or other weapon shall, in the presence of one or more persons, exhibit the same in a rude, careless, angry, or threatening manner, not in necessary self-defense, the person so offending shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

      Glad I could help clear that for you.

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