Decimating (politeley) an Anti-Gunner.

Tom Gresham was invited to a radio show called Friendly Fire with hosts Clarke and Nancy on KSAL 1150AM. The theme was Gun Control and I am guessing Tom was invited to share his view on the matter. Host Nancy is an unapologetic Anti Gun but I must say Tom, very politely, just destroyed each and every point/falsehood she tried to bring. He never conceded or tried to answer a question under the premise she gave but corrected or challenged it being my special favorites of mine were ‘Assault Weapon’ at the beginning of the show and ‘trigger lock’ almost at the end.

Of course Tom Gresham has the ability that comes with 40 years around guns and fighting the system that wants to ban them. The show was was like watching a an unassuming master in any martial art teacha lesson to an unprepared brat, clean the floors and windows with his sorry self and still leave him some dignity to feel shame realize that he was way way wrong.

Here are the links to listen to the show. Listen, enjoy & learn.

Tom Gresham on KSAL – Part A, Tom Gresham on KSAL – Part B, Tom Gresham on KSAL – Part C.

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