IDPA Rules: Revised.

IDPA can be as bad (or as good) as the Catholic Church about changing and adapting. It did take us Catholics some 1,960 years to make peace with the Jews!

Catholic Joke aside, IDPA now has what call the New Rule Addendum with some changes that are interesting. I will cover some, not all, and share my thoughts about it. I recommend that you pull the rulebook and compare in order to make sens of some of the stuff.

Addition to C 15. page 10
A. Pistols may only be loaded to below division capacity if stipulated by the written stage description.

I am guessing somewhere this became an issue? I thought that having capacity (as long as it does not go above division) could always be determined by the Course of Fire narrative. My bet this is to quell Range Lawyers who love to argue that the direction of the wind was unfavorable when it was their turn. I would call this the “Shut the Heck Up and Shoot” rule.

Additional language to CoF 4. page 12
Only one (1) non-threat target may be used per every three (3) threat targets in any string of fire. Stage designers may use one non-threat for 1 to 5 threats, 2 non-threats for 6 to 8 threats and 3 non-threats for 9 threats or more.

This addendum is just a clarification of the standing rule. From my first day at IDPA I always considered this No-Shoot to Shoot ratio silly.  Real world will have more No-Shoots available than stipulated by IDPA. A gaming enhancement IMHO.

These next two modifications:

Change of language to CoF 9. page 12

When cover is available, it MUST be used when shooting unless the competitor starts in the open and must engage targets while on the way to cover. If cover is available anywhere in the COF it must be used for reloading. Competitors may NOT cross any opening (doorways, windows, open spaces, etc) without engaging targets.


Additional language to PP 1. page 15
B. There are two exceptions to the “one PE per infraction rule”. One is for cover violations. A competitor may incur more than one cover PE per string of fire. The number of cover PE’s may not exceed the number of positions of fire. Regardless of the number of rounds fired or targets engaged from any position, only 1 cover procedural may be issued at each position. The second exception is for reload violations as detailed on page 41.

Right on spot. Some gamers would examine a poorly designed CoF and determine they can stretch that cover a bit or take a procedural and still come ahead. FTDRs would be issue and all hell would come loose. This way you can collect several procedurals and pretty much ruin those carefully crafted plans.

Addition to rule PP 1. page 15
C. A Match Director may allow a handicapped or mobility-challenged shooter to take one or multiple PEs (at the MD’s discretion) rather than perform an act required by the CoF

I am guessing this is just adding to the rule book a well established practice. There might be some Range Nazis out there that would not bend and accommodate a shooter with special needs, but I haven’t heard about them. I know many clubs that were gladly applying this concept for a long while. Kudos on this to HQ.

Change of language to PP 3. page 17 (Failure to Neutralize)
A. Will add five (5) seconds per infraction. This penalty applies to any target that does not have at least one (1) down zero or one (1) down one hit

Clearing the language a bit about FTNs. But I don’t think it will help with my Score Keepers, short of whipping them they still manage to screw this one up. [sigh]

4. Ammunition Carrier Notes:
Modification of rule page 39
1. A three (3) second procedural penalty will be assessed any time a loaded ammunition feeding device (magazine, speedloader or full moon clip) is dislodged and falls out of the carrier during a course of fire. Dropping a loaded ammunition feeding device during a reload is not a procedural as long as the competitor does not leave ammunition behind retrieves and properly stows the device before the last shot of the string is fired. The prior sentence does not include devices dislodged from a carrier which ALWAYS receives a PE

Another Gamer Killing ruling. Loosey mag and speedloader pouches may give you a bit of a headache instead of an unfair advantage. If you belong to the crowd that competes in IDPA not for the game but for the practice, this procedural reminder will emphasize the fact that your gear is a life saving kit that must work at all times.

7. One additional ammunition carrier may be worn behind the center line of the body for the purposes of loading at the start of a stage. This carrier must be empty before the “stand by” command.

Good call. This also eliminates Range Nazi problems and gives the shooter (and the SO) a bit more safety while manipulating and loading the gun. Anybody who has SOed a 1911 shooter knows what I am talking about.

3. Concealment Garments.
Additional language to rule page 40
visible when standing normally, artificial stiffeners of any material (other than standard laundry starch) used in any location, use of chest pockets,

Can you hear the pennies being dropped from the shirts yet? I know I am going to have troubles with this one if I use my regular-everyday vest during matches as i have been doing mostly this year (shoot what you carry and how you carry). In my right vest pocket I usually carry my smokes & lighter so they might be considered stiffeners. We’ll see.

Appendix TWO – Approved IDPA Reloads

Additional language to rule page 41
At no time is it permissible to fire while holding a magazine or speed loader/moon clip.

Ambivalent on this one. It is good practice to be able to re-engage the target ASAP and one handed, but I see the ruling as a safety measure to avoid unnecessary fumbles, safety issues or extra penalties for dropping mags.

Additional language to rule page 43
At no time should a competitor stand directly in a “window” or port to engage targets. Competitors must “slice the pie” around the edge of the “window” or port.

Another good call on its spirit but it will be a bitch to SO.  I foresee lotsa problems with this one. Range Lawyers will have a field day.

Additional language to E. Threat / Non-Threat Designation page 47

Painted hands or cutouts for non-threats must be of normal adult size. At least one full had must be visible from the shooting position.

Our club will have troubles with this rule. Our painted hands look like ET’s cousins were strolling by and a gang attacked them. Here is an example:

Blessed with graphic artists we are not!

I am gonna leave the rule changes for now.  Overall the changes are not earth-shattering or really bad.

And I have a match Saturday…. this is gonna be fun!

2 Replies to “IDPA Rules: Revised.”

  1. So what’s up with this one?

    Addition of rule page 39
    5. Can have no offset back pieces and/or belt slots. The carrier may not offset away from the belt and/or body.

    Those of us who are shaped like women are allowed to use a dropped and offset holster, why not the Mag carrier?

    I also think this is harsh:
    Addition to rule PP 1. page 15
    C. A Match Director may allow a handicapped or mobility-challenged shooter to take one or multiple PEs (at the MD’s discretion) rather than perform an act required by the CoF

    We usually don’t give PEs for those that cannot (legitimately)
    perform an act such as kneeling.

    Another big one that they missed was to re-examine the Power Factor for SSR, Currently is is little to no off-the-shelf ammo that I am aware of that will make the stated power factor.

    I was also hoping that they would clarify what constitutes a legal moon clip carrier, the language in the rulebook Says it must have a stud that protrudes through the center of the clip and the photo shows one where the stud protrudes quite a bit but it never says by how much it must protrude, I have seen that be an issue in the past.

    They also did not address flashlights on duty weapons for those police officers who are issued guns with lights and have the corresponding holsters. Nor for those officers that are wearing thigh holsters. I have seen both of these issues come up in the recent past.

  2. They did not specify the carrier exemption for women, but I don’t think a range nazi would take the chance, specially if the mag ends up vertical and close to the body. The spirit of the rule is (IMHO) avoiding IPSC mag holders. However HQ should have made the specification.
    As for the mobility-challenged shooters, we particularly haven’t had any troubles with people complaining about being given a procedural (only one) They understand and find it fair, specially since there are some of them that shoot damn good if given half a chance without bending a damaged limb. Or as we kindly tell them “Dude, it sucks to be you. 🙂 ”

    Last i heard from some insiders, there was going to be an examination of the power factors, specially .38 spc but I guess we will have to wait another 5 years.

    Weapon Mounted Lights… where the heck i read it? They can be mounted but not used same as with lasers. Double check with Lance but I think that’s how’s being run.

    The Thigh Holsters do come into play from time to time. I want to allow them for serving Military and LEO but I have run into resistance from Brian so I am gonna have to beat him with a 2×4. Worst Case, run with a procedural per stage added.

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