One salty Morton.

Mr. Morton Kurzweil’s published rant in the Sun Sentinel’s Letters to the Editor this morning caught my attention. I could not find it online so I offer you a pic of the original version.  Mr. Kurzweil’s interpretation of the Second Amendment baffles the hell out of me. Probably somebody will come back to me quoting Blackstones but I doubt much that The Second Amendment was part of English Common Law. Maybe something related about weapons for the defense, but not a Second Amendment that recognizes that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is innate to the Citizen (not the subjects of a King) and in this United States, not England and nothing to do with a religious tiff between Protestants and Catholics.

However I do find Mr. Kurzweil last sentence revealing:

“Why this right has become a cause to insure personal security of person and property against government is irrational, except among those who believe in the divine right of kings and the superiority of religious beliefs over the equality of law in a democracy.”

I am guessing Mr. Kurzweil has not read the Federalist Papers, nor the tons of constitutional research on the Second Amendment. But irrationality and anger seem to be the realm of Mr. Kurzweil anyway. On another letter to the editor on July 3, 2008 Mr. Kurzweil complains of the use of fireworks and has no qualms on claiming the Bill Of Rights as his prerogativ.

If you wish, you may shoot fireworks at my house. Be assured that I will respond to such an act as a criminal threat to my security and will respond with all necessary force to defend myself and my property.

Damn! How come Anti Gunners are so violent?