Shootin’ Pics: Lady with the Gun.

As I stated before, I am not a good photographer.  At matches I take bunches of pics hoping to get a couple that are halfway decent and one that makes it as the club’s splash page image and then I get creative with the cropping tool.  Still, there are people I somehow manage to be in sync with when they shoot. This young lady is one of them; rare is the time I don’t get a decent pic with a piece of brass flying out of her gun and she is a darn good shooter to boot (she kicks my ass in a seriously regular basis…. but then again so everybody else).

UPDATE: The second photo and additional commentary was removed. It seems that hubby was a tad pissed about the pic and demanded that it’d be removed. Rather than trying to figure out legalities and what nots, I decided that I am too old, too tired and too ornery to be dealing with idiocy & insecurity