“We are the Fake FBI. Open up…OH SH**!”

Have I mentioned people in South Florida is a bit wee suspicions? It is somewhat common that criminals try to impersonate LEOs to get to their victims. By now this is old news for everybody but some criminals. Three guys impersonating the FBI found out the hard way:

Once the three men make it to the front door, two of them try to pry open the door with a crowbar while the third acts as a look-out. When they are unable to get thru the front door, they tried a window, but this trio had no idea the homeowner was inside and waiting for them with a pistol.

The homeowner opened fire and the three suspects took off. The two men barely make it back to their newer model, mid-size, silver sport utility vehicle Mercedes Benz before the third takes off

Puppies, kitties and criminals running with brown deposits in their shorts make me smile.

And now back to my self imposed rest.