Dot Gov Gone Wild: US Gov takes out 73,000 blogs.

U.S. Authorities Shut Down WordPress Host With 73,000 Blogs. What in the flying flock of seagulls? ?  Listen I am all up for defending intellectual property, but forcing a whole web host and silencing those sites that were not involved in copyright violations is just amazingly stupid and awfully scary.

And this from a President that is a “Constitutional Scholar.” Maybe he is an expert on the Zimbabwe Constitution which I heard is written in pencil.

2 Replies to “Dot Gov Gone Wild: US Gov takes out 73,000 blogs.”

  1. Interesting… read this and had to see if I could log into my WordPress blog… no problem. Perhaps it’s just particular anti-establishment blogs?
    Shy III

  2. As I read it, WordPress “leases” space in different webhosts and this one also happens to host file share websites. A shotgun approach like burn the village to save the village.

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