Dark Cloud Homeboy.

At work there is the young feller that walks with a dark cloud on top of him. In the few months I have know him, at least three of his “homeboys” have been killed by unsavory characters. Of course they’ve been hanging around with the wrong crowds which might be a reason why they end up in the Miami-Dade Slab Room. It bothered me that there was an element of pride in the fact that they were vitims, a stupid badge of honor if you ask me. They took the chances, they paid dearly for a lifestyle without sense, there is no pride, no honor in that mentality. They are just dead in the most stupid way.

I made the comment that I should stay away from him since people next to him were dropping like flies. He took a bit of exception to my comment:”My homeboys are dying and youse making jokes? What if they were your homeboys?” Before I could engage the safety, my mouth opened up: “My homeboys are not stupid and can shoot good. And a lot.”

Dark Cloud ain’t talking to me.  Oh well!