Arizona: Like we didn’t know they were in it.

The poor abused illegal inmigrants staging a protest in front of the Phoenix Jail against them damned gringo racists.

Although makes it about the Mexican flag, I am surprised that they did not catch the Cuban flag with image of Che in it. That is one flag I can tell you did not come from South Florida. Actually you would have a great chance to select which animal your carcass would be fed to: gators or sharks.

If you have problem with the video, here is a capture:

It feels like White House policy all of the sudden.

PS: I checked several news photos sites and they covered pretty good the protest and even the mexican flag, but nobody is showing the communist cuban flag.

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  1. Irony of ironies, Guevara was a mostly Spanish-blooded Argentine who thought Mexicans were “a rabble of illiterate Indians.”

    Whoops! Wonder what they would think of their precious Che if they knew (or cared) that he was a frothing at the mouth anti-mestizo bigot on top of being a ruthless killer.

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