Ladies and Gents of East St. Louis, you are FOID.

After East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks announced that the city will layoff 19 police officers, the human waste hit the cooling apparatus. Mostly a budget thing between cops and the city council, the populace of east St. Louis are pretty much left to their own devices crime-wise because there were not that many officer to begin with and after the cuts, certain sections of the city will be covered with one single officer per shift.

In the meantime, the Illinois legislature keeps ignoring SCOTUS decision of McDonald v. Chicago while reichmaster Daley prepares the script to avoid citizens legally obtain gun. This script will be written in blood partially obtained by the victims of crime in East St. Louis.

PS: Why doesn’t the Chicago City Council use all the bodyguards assigned to reichmaster Daley and their weapons to cover the gap in police protection of East St. Louis? I am sure the Major wouldn’t mind.