Facepalm News: 911 & alcohol do not mix.

George McMurrain was out of booze and needed to go get some more. He made one call and he did get a ride… to jail.

Dispatcher: This is 911.
Suspect: I need a, I need a — a ride.
Dispatcher: You need a ride?
Suspect: Yes, to the liquor store.
Dispatcher: Um.
Suspect: Sheriff said she’d give me a ride.
Dispatcher: OK, you’re going to have to call somebody else, sir. You called 911. We can’t come give you a ride.
Suspect: Even the sheriff said she’d give me a ride.
Dispatcher: The sheriff said they’d give you a ride to the liquor store?
Suspect: That’s correct.
Dispatcher: Wrong.

George was arrested for misusing 911. No news if he will be facing charges for ethyl-stupidity.