A bank with guns! ZOMG!

Sign that is found at the Chappell Hill Bank in Texas.

According to their website their motto is “Modern Banking with Old Fashioned Courtesy.” Check the pics of the inside of the bank. Five gives you ten the cashier has a coach gun under the counter.

I wouldn’t mind having a branch here in Miami.

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  1. It recognizes being armed as an “unalienable right”, but only for people who’ve asked the state for a license? That doesn’t exactly follow. If you have to ask permission, it’s a privilege.

  2. Jonathan: Texas does not have Open Carry. It does have Concealed Carry but if I recall correctly, businesses can prohibit access to people carrying concealed guns.
    Criminals do not abide by the law.

  3. 9Fred – Go for it. I’ll enjoy watching the surveillance video.

    As for the bank, if they had a branch over here in Frisco, I’d be over there in a heartbeat to open an account.

  4. 13 tryptix:

    I took a look at the bank using Google Street View.
    Tiny storefront place. I doubt if they’d have a branch anywhere outside of Chappell Hill. Frisco’s a giant metroplex compared to this little place.

    I do applaud their policy, however, and wish more businesses would follow it..

  5. gmirwin, it is not unusual that what we were told by somebody that did not know a damn thing about GFZs remains with us even after we are supposed to know better. For a long time I thought you could not go into hospitals or pharmacies in Florida while carrying concealed but it was never like that. Somebody told me that and it stuck.

  6. Welcome to East Texas, down here there are a whole new set of rules to play by. It was a culture schock when i moved down here in 1995 and joined one of the police departments .

  7. Good for you! I love this! Everyone has the freedom with license to carry one. This means that the president of the bank has respect and honor. There is nothing wrong with this…

  8. To Peter. post # 21. This pic was taken right after it went up. The owner was not happy with the misspelling. The sign has been replaced with the correction

  9. To those who criticize this sign: How many murders are committed each year by those who have conceal carry permits in their wallet? I’ll guess the answer is somewhere between zero and one.

  10. It’s a sad assumption to make that allowing legal firearms in banks would instantly result in bank robberies. What percentage of crimes are committed with illegally possessed weapons? by people that break the law anyway…. I think having a bunch of individuals with weapons would create a large disincentive to crime… just look at D.C.’s ban on concealed firearms… crime skyrocketed…

  11. Do you think they will ever be robbed? I doubt it. MORE GUNS LESS CRIME!! Take our guns and law abiding citizens become criminals and criminals and police are the only ones with guns.

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