Made Up Strange Gun Laws around the country.

A commenter (Gunstar1 thanks!) made a remark about people quoting gun laws that have not existed in 20 years making the point that some of us are less than properly informed about the subject sometimes. And he is right, sometimes bad or old info seems to stay with us and for whatever reason it won’t go away. I have read about laws that do not exist at all being mentioned on the media as gospel but mostly to scare the heck out of people about gun rights issues.

Now for something completely different: Let’s make up a bunch of funny gun laws just for the hell of it. With luck, we will see them posted somewhere else or mentioned in the news as the “truth”. If you come up with a good one, I will add it to the list here.

-It is illegal to shoot UFOs unless for legal self defense. Being unable to speak the language will not excuse you from responsibility, your must be in fear of death or grave bodily harm. (I wonder if anal probes could be included)

-Hunting licenses shall not be issued if you write ‘Canadians’ in the ‘Animal you wish to hunt’ space in the application. (Note: Even though it is called tourist season, appears to be illegal to take that game)
-You can have a shotgun wedding with a loaded shotgun providing there is no shell in the chamber.

– Opossums cannot be harvested with anything bigger than .308 caliber in the wild or .223 on the road. Shooting while operating the vehicle is forbidden if speeds are above 30 M.P.H. or near School Zones.

-You cannot shoot a surrendering suspect. Surrendering is indicated when the person raises both hands above the ear level.

OK, Make up stuff as you go. I am sure at least one will become internet truth 😉