EPA moonwalks on the lead ban.

EPA announced that it would not acquiesce to a petition from the Center for Biological Diversity, the American Bird Conservancy and assorted tree huggers to ban lead under the Toxic Substances Control Act (which expressly exempts ammunition. The EPA cannot create legislation out of the thin blue sky realted to this, but they tried anyway) . It appears that once the news of the petition jumped from the Blogosphere to the Drudge Report, EPA decided that it would serve its interest better to pretend they did not jump into that bandwagon, even though they were asking for comments which is part of their “allow me to pretend I care about your opinion but I’ll do what I want” process. According to the USA Today article, the evil force behind the EPA backtracking is the NRA who challenged EPA to dismiss the petition under Second Amendment issues.

In Other News: The GOA says it was them who did all the grunt work on the EPA issue while vacationing from Martha’s Vineyard where they recued a bunch of kitties lost at sea. GOA is also requesting more donations because things are expensive up there and they ran fresh out of Great Poupon.