The curse of the Evil Gun. The New Jersey Tale.

Remember always: It is not the choices you make that bear responsibility for your actions. It is never your fault even if you did it on your won. No sir, no way, no how: it was the gun and the violence that emmanates from an inanimate piece of metal.

That’s according to Meredith Mandell and Elizabeth Llorent, staff writers for as the weave the tale of poor Mathew Malave. You see, poor Matt’s mistake was not that he was in a gang or that he was dealing dope (what kid nowadays does not do something like that?) or that he got shot twice for his extra curricular activities, Matt’s mistake is that he succumbed to the siren’s call of a gun that jumped like a cursed object in his hands and transformed him into a killer.

I can only guess that the writers of the article and many anti-gunners believe that gun makers add some sort of evil zombie additive to selected guns. This additive will transform any rational person into a Jason Vorhees or Freddy Kruger-like killer that will mow little children in a park without any remorse. But never that people are responsible for their actions or decisions and that the “enlightened” souls are the true at fault for their stupid social engineering and feel-good philosophy they’ve been shoving down our throats.