“Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” artist into hiding.

The stalwart members of the “religion of peace” have declared fatwa on Molly Norris who created the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. It was such a popular thing thatit seems several idjits got their turbans twisted in a wad and now they want to help Ms Norris meet her maker.

So I have several things to say about this:

Number One:

Number Two: If you are Anwar al-Awlaki or one of his followers, find the above demotivator insulting and want to do something about it, contact me via email for the date and locations where I can be found. Please do tell me if having your remains eaten by gators is considered unclean or repulsive.

Number Three: KMA.

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  1. I’m with you. it’s time and past time for Americans to stand up and show the RIF world just what freedom of speech and expression is all about.

    I’ve also asked to be placed on the fatwa list. If I get taken up on my offer I’ll let you know.

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