Above a million! Weeeeee!

Found the site urldogg.com in my report and I saw what are reported to be my stats.

Gunfreezone.net is the 981,330th most visited site on the internet. The homepage of gunfreezone.net links out to 21 other websites. The website’s IP address is, and there is 1 other website hosted at the same IP address. Gunfreezone.net gets about 1,115 pageviews per day, and earns an estimated $3.35 daily. The server location of gunfreezone.net is Houston, TX, United States (US ).

Making boatloads of money apparently. I wanna know who’s been keeping my three bucks and change!

And I can see the rank of other bloggers in my links:

  • Strange that not all linked bloggers made it in the list. Don’t ask me why. It appears it won’t take Blogger URLs.