Bully Boohoohoo.

And here we go again with the woes and tears about kids committing suicide because they were bullied/harassed/bothered by jerks. Spokespeople with somber faces basically accuse the lot of us of not doing anything about this problem and that makes it our fault… we heartless bastards.

Of course it is our collective fault, God forbid it is the fault of the parents for purposely raising emotional wussies incapable of tackling problems without the help of 17 counselors, 5 shrinks and a pilates class. I am the senseless bastard that have done nothing to relieve the pain of those tortured souls but not a culture that prides itself in being a victim and chides self determination and abhors when somebody stands up for his or her rights as a human being. It is is easier to blame the school because you have determined that the school system, run by people as inept as the parents, should do the job Mom and Dad will not do because interferes with the synergistic interaction of their careers or interrupts their list of important community things to do so they can brag to the neighbors.

So now, what do we need to solve the problem? It is not going to be a change in the culture or even to stop thinking of children as merit badges you should have to raise in the corporate ladder of life. Nope, we need a Federal law against Bullies.

So let me ask you this, Murder and a whole bunch of other crimes are already against the law and yet they still occur so, What makes you think that a bunch of lines in paper are going to stop bullying? Oopsie! they haven’t thought about that one, right?

You stop bullying the old fashioned way: Bust the bully in the mouth, literally or by other means . It has been working for eons and there is no reason to think that it stopped working just because a bunch of flower-farting hippies came up with “sensitive” alternatives that have failed over and over but makes them “feel good” about themselves and requires no actual work on their part.

Also, tech your kids that Life is not all sweet thoughts, unicorn rides and instant positive results by just wishing it. Real Life is hard, has its frustrating moments and you will be scored on real performance, not on intentions. Let them know that they will fail, make mistakes, crash and burn and generally fuck up by the numbers, but the real triumph resides on standing up and face the challenge and continue living. That kids resort to suicide because of name calling, being caught having sex or pushed around shows that many parents are no more mentally mature than the kids themselves and should have been impeded from procreating more emotional inferior litters.

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